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  • We are a "owner operated" 8000m Expedition company led by high altitude mountain guide Tim Rippel and his wife Becky. "We are small but our success is big. To help our expedition participants reach their individual goals safely while enjoying an intimate mountain experience, we keep it that way." Whether it be Heli Skiing in Canada or climbing the tallest mountains in the world you can rest assured you are in experienced and skilled hands. 

  • During the course of 25  years, 90 expeditions in operation we are proud to say that we have a ''flawless safety record'. We have never lost a client in any of our extreme activities.  

  • We are different from many operators today. The people you talk to when planning your expedition are the same people working with you on the mountain. 'Your expedition leader/guide climbs alongside you' on the mountain and not leading by radio from base camp or imported leaders or from an office in another country. As a mountain rescue professional, your safety is always Tim's priority. 
  • We also believe that 'your comfort during the expedition is as important.' We invest in making your lengthily stay away from home comfortable and nourishing.  We know that you won't find a better facility anywhere on the mountain than Peak Freak's base camps. A place where every detail is carefully considered to help you endure the world's most hostile and highest environment. Maintaining good health and in turn attitude, is an extremely important factor in the success of any expedition.
  • Our ability to offer "first class"- "small scale" expeditions at an affordable price. Our summit numbers are smaller than other operators. This is because we don't run large-scale expeditions. We believe smaller is better for everyone. Climbing Everest is a big deal in most people's lives. We want you to remember every detail and not be overwhelmed by crowds and confusion in your highest home away from home on this planet. It should be a place to savour every moment of the experience with like-minded people.
  • Our sherpa client ratio is very high. Sometimes 2 Sherpa's to 1 member depending on our climber's abilities. We don't cut corners on manpower. We invest in the people who play a major factor in your success. Our Sherpa Climbing Guides are veterans of multiple Everest summits.
  • Tim is a Professional member of the CAA- Canadian Avalanche Association, the highest ranked avalanche forecasters in the world. Mountains each year claim lives due to avalanches, why wouldn't you want to be with the best? as an actively practicing certified avalanche forecaster, you won't find anyone as well tuned to snow stablity in the mountains than you would with Tim. 
  • Mountain Rescue professional; Tim is not only a certified mountain skills instructor but is also mountian rescue professional. He demonstrated in 2008 his exceptional high altitude abilities,spending over 36 hours in the death zone, without oxygen roping down a client in distress and saving another from another team. 
  • Wilderness First Aid Certified and with 18 years of High Altitude Mountain Medicine.
  • We use "only" the best equipment there is. Both in base camp, on the mountain and the new TOPOUT oxygen mask system. Our inclusions offer more than our competitors who charge $30k or more than us. Any of our past participants will vouch for that.



PHOTO: Tim and Becky both in red.....On Mt. McKinley, Alaska  (background). In 1990  training for their first Everest climb in 1991.

PHOTO: Peak Freaks Nepalese Sherpa team


Bios and Testimonials below:

Ray Bachman- USA

Being in business, I believe one of the best testimonies a business can receive is a repeat customer. On the flight home I was already making plans to return to Nepal for another trek and climb and it will be with Peak Freaks. Companies make a lot of claims to attract customers, and an often heard one is “The Personal Touch” . Peak Freaks bills itself as a small-scale company but it is large scale in making one feel like they’re a member of a family and not just a client. Tim’s personal involvement with all aspects of the journey was impressive. 

Todd Sampson- Australia

"I am proud to be a friend of you both, Your involvement in Nepal and its people is one of the things that Tim really impressed upon me, he is a different kind of climber, and I aspire to that, I would trust my children to climb Everest with Tim, He is one of the most well rounded climbers I know."  


"IT ISN'T JUST RUGGED TERRAIN WE OFFER" "We give equal precedence to the conservation of the environment and preservation of the cultural heritage. Our cook Ang Karsang Sherpa trained internationally allowing him to dish up some extraordinary hearty and healthy meals. We use as much local food as we possibly can to help contribute to the local economy and to cut down on waste and CO2 emission required for transport

 Organics! All our fresh food is organic, chicken, buffalo, vegetables, fruit, cheese and  eggs and it is carried by yak or local porters contributing to the welfare and enriching lives of the people of this region. We do not use helicopters for transport bypassing the local workers small window for tourism opportunities. Ang Karsung does all our baking so there are no added preservatives. Only a small ratio of imported supplements are used for those "comfort food days" that we recognize come around from time to time while living in this remote and hostile environment. We have a Registered Dietitian who is available to work with you and our cook offering guidance on achieving and maintaining optimal health. 

Recycling!  On Everest, we use quality equipment and only "new bottles" of oxygen for everyone's safety. Climbers will receive 1:1 Sherpa support above the South Col. and 3 to 4 bottles of oxygen for the summit push plus emergency back-up. All bottles are brought down. Our sherpas are paid by the bottle to retrieve them and paid for all waste that is brought off the mountain. We contribute rope and we share other teams rope in helping to keep the mountain clean of old tattered rope which results in a safer and cleaner playground for all. 

Feeding friends with friends! We use local homes and lodges on our way in to base camp. We do not camp, instead we choose to contribute to the local families income. Staying in their homes works well both ways. They make an income and we get to learn about their culture and their unique customs, this alone makes for a great opportunity in learning valuable life lessons while bonding with new friends and capturing fond memories that will last a lifetime. The lodges we use are all certified by the local governing body for proper hygiene. We reserve the entire house where possible for our members to make sure everyone is somewhat quarantined prior to climbing ensuring everyone is well fed, rested, warm and comfortable. 

We keep it small!  For your personal safety and enjoyment, and to make room for other expeditions from around the world, we do our part in not overcrowding camps. We are strategic in making summit window opportunities available to everyone and avoid overcrowded routes whenever possible and without compromising summit bids. It is a fine tuned balance. Tim, a mountain rescue professional, professional avalanche forecaster with many  years of experience in this region communicates these strategies carefully with other teams and sherpa climbers when tension arises during the infamous summit fever time.  

We are committed   to helping climbers achieve their goals in a safe and comfortable environment with a special touch involving the local culture of our Sherpa friends. We are as committed to your safety and the safety of our Sherpa staff. The climbers we attract are like-minded in that the climb is about the journey and reaching the summit is a bonus. We also understand that we all want that bonus :-)  

We must be doing something right!  Our popularity and repeat business ratio is very high. So much so that we are now expanding our mountaineering expeditions by popular demand to other destinations. We have recently added Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua. 

  • Bio on Tim Rippel veteran of 29 Himalayan expeditions, a Professional Mountain Guide, ACMG Certified Ski Guide, CAA Avalanche Forecaster/Technican, SAR Mountain Rescue Instructor/Examiner and Professional Mountain Skill Instructor for over 20 years. Successfully leading mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas since 1991.
  • Bio on  Becky Rippel  a certified International group travel specialist for over 25 years and CSGA Level 2 Ski Instructor. Becky runs the administration and communications end of Peak Freaks and leads treks to base camp allowing participants to join in the excitement around a major mountaineering expeditions without climbing skills or going to altitude extremes


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Just a few of many testimonials...

 “On both of our trips to the Himalayas with Tim and Becky we were impressed with the good organization and attention to detail. We appreciated that all team members were considered integral partners in the climbs, and were able to participate fully in all aspects of the expedition. A marvelous experience!”   Craig Evanoff- Prince George, B.C.  

“Tim Rippel’s climbing skills and knowledge of the Himalayas and her people made for one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life. It was more like climbing with an old friend than with a guide.   E.C. Smith Jr.  Pennsylvania, USA

“Your love and concern for the people of Nepal was evident in so many ways! It was great to see your dedication to “giving and not just ‘taking’. You’ve formed a great partnership with these people.”  Caroline Pedlar- Canmore, Alberta

"Tim and Becky, you guys did an outstanding job of organizing, hosting and guiding. You have surpassed my expectations. Your attention to detail and effort to provide service was dedicated and thorough. Many companies could learn from you two".  Ralph Rhey- Japan

As time passes, the more precious the memories are of that trip Tim. As usual the best part of any trip is the people you meet, including yourself. it was an honor to be a part of a team led by a climber as gifted, experienced and humble as you. thank you ......I also hope that we will be able to climb together again...all the best ...Wally Reisinger- Saskatoon

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