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                              WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT PEAK FREAKS


Todd Sampson, Australia/Canadian - Everest Summit

"I am proud to be a friend of you both. Your involvement in Nepal and its people is one of the things that Tim really impressed upon me, he is a different kind of climber, and I aspire to that. I would trust my children to climb Everest with Tim. He is one of the most well rounded climbers I know"

Dominique Gilbert, Canada - Everest Summit

'I want to thank you guys for making this trip a success. From the dedicated sherpa team that I will remember forever to Tim's skills on the mountain, everything needed for a successful climb was there.'

Scott Mortensen, USA- Everest Summit

"As a former professional firefighter, I chose to climb Mt. Everest with Tim Rippel and Peak Freaks because of their amazing safety record. Over his 28 years of guiding experience, Tim has taken people all over the world in all sorts of amazing and adventurous conditions and never lost a single client.  Near the top of Mt. Everest, I witnessed him perform a rescue in the Death Zone, a feat rarely accomplished in the annals of mountaineering.  Even though I am certified in Rope Rescue Systems and Mountain Rescue, I could not believe the skill, dedication, and ability Tim performed the rescue...and without oxygen.  That's right, he's not afraid to risk his own life for yours.  So if you're in the market for an all time adventure on top of the world or just a leisurely stroll up Kilimanjaro, I'd go with Peak Freaks.  It's always more fun when your guide is this good."

M. Scott Mortensen
Adventure Filmmaker
Former Professional Firefighter

Carol and Larry Williams, USA- Everest Summit

We are greatly indebted to you and Tim for helping Larry realize his Everest dream! We thought Everest was out of the realm of possibility when looking at the prices of the other companies. We are so grateful that you made it possible. 
I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts in updating the website daily, it was the most consistent link I had to what was going on with Larry, and I know it made all the difference to go with a husband-wife operated company because you really understood what loved ones waiting and watching at home were going through. Larry and I both agree that we wouldn't have wanted to go with any other company. 

Daniel Keren: Everest 09- 5th Israeli to summit Everest:  

Tim and Becky

I wanted to thank you for the great experience on Everest. I think that each one of you, working individually as well as together working as a team, made the event a very successful one. The accurate weather forecast combined with Tim's knowledge and experience led to some very good critical decisions. Other than that the well written daily blog rightfully attracted enormous amount of interest whilst Tim's guidance on the mountain led us safely to the summit and back.  

I hope you enjoy the summer and the quality time you have together before Pumori. 

Thank you for everything!!!

Daniel and Shiri (Everest and Island Peak summiteers).


Andreas Breitfuss - Australian

Climbing Mt Everest was always going to be my Olympics after failing to get to the 1992 Winter Olympics in my chosen sport of Freestyle Skiing, so when I decided to climb Mt Everest I could only go with the best, the Gold medal team of Tim, Becky and the Peaks Freaks team. I have been associated with great achievements all my life so when I had the chance to climb Mt Everest I could only think of one team to go with… Peaks Freaks. Tim and the team put together one of the most professional and well guided expeditions on the mountain. I have no hesitation in recommending any person to join Tim and the Peak Freaks team to make their dream and ambition of climbing to the top of the World come true. 

Andreas Breitfuss  - Mt Everest summiteer, May 2012


Travis McPhee- Canadian

There are events in a persons life that will irreversibly change them.
> Climbing Mt.Everest with Tim Rippel at the helm proved to be one of these
> events for me.  I did not reach the summit, but this was not a reason to
> hang my head.  Often the most valuable life lessons are hidden in not
> reaching our original goal- or at least this has been the case for my
> journey.  If I could go back with Peak Freaks I would have it no other way.
> Having said that, the 2012 Peak Freaks team put over half of the climbers on
> the summit, the most successful expedition on the mountain during 2012- from
> what I've researched.  Will I climb Everest again?  Most likely.  And I will
> do it with Peak Freaks.  Tim orchestrates tight logistics, hires the best
> guides in the industry, and has a knack for keeping the team in great
> spirits.
> -Travis McPhee"




Tim and Kim McCloy- Canada - Everest Base Camp support trekkers 2008.

Our trek to base camp was the most amazing trip we've ever been on and I
continue to think of Nepal every single day!  I believe I left a part of my
heart and soul there.  The people we were lucky enough to meet along the way
were lovely, and our sherpa team (and Vanessa ) treated us like family, and
seemed to really care about our health and safety.  Of course the scenery
was a highlight, and I've got constant reminders of the beautiful mountains
every time my screensaver is activated.

Every important detail was taken care of, from the greeting at the airport
(with a chrysanthemum garland) to the wonderful cultural evening in
Kathmandu.  The Nirvana Garden hotel was so charming, especially when we
were lucky enough to have the penthouse for a few days after our trek ~ it
seemed so luxurious!

We're still processing the experience in our heads, it really was a
life-altering experience.

Seeing Tim and the climbers at base camp was so cool, what a great group of
guys.  We were lucky enough to meet some of them in Namche Bazaar earlier so
it felt like we kind of knew them when we arrived.  Base camp itself was
other-worldly to me and I wish I had felt more like exploring it, but really
felt the effects of the altitude.  Tim wished he could have at least gone
partway up the ice-fall, but that's for another trip someday.

Thanks again for everything, Peak Freaks has blown our minds!

Tim and Kim

Wally Reisinger- Saskatoon - Ama Dablam Summit

"As time passes, the more precious the memories are of that trip Tim. As usual the best part of any trip is the people you meet, including yourself. it was an honor to be a part of a team led by a climber as gifted, experienced and humble as you. thank you .............I also hope that we will be able to climb together again..........all the best ......"

Ray Bachman- USA

''Being in business, I believe one of the best testimonies a business can receive is a repeat customer. On the flight home I was already making plans to return to Nepal for another trek and climb and it will be with Peak Freaks. Companies make a lot of claims to attract customers, and an often heard one is “The Personal Touch” . Peak Freaks bills itself as a small-scale company but it is large scale in making one feel like they’re a member of a family and not just a client. Tim’s personal involvement with all aspects of the trek was impressive, even serving tea and coffee in the teahouses! '

Jeff Newman-USA

'I just  wanted to thank you Tim again for making the most out of a once in a lifetime experience for me.  Heli skiing with you  was so great and I will be dreaming about it for a long time to come.  Your professionalism is so apparent in how you manage the ski groups and the other guides during a day of skiing.  My quads are still screaming ( we skied Red and Whitewater too) but it was so worth it.  Thanks again.'

 The smile just won't go away!

E.C. Smith Jr. Pennsylvania, USA

“Tim Rippel’s climbing skills and knowledge of the Himalayas and her people made for one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life. It was more like climbing with an old friend than with a guide. His facilities were of the best at base camp.” 

Martin Clayton, Hong Kong

              “If you want to be at the sharp end of climbing a serious mountain with a small compact team, then climbing with Tim Rippel’s Peak Freak Expeditions gives you this opportunity.”

Craig Evanoff and Bonnie Hooge, Canada

                   “On both of our trips to the Himalayas with Tim and Becky we were impressed with the good organization and attention to detail. We appreciated that all team members were considered integral partners in the climbs, and were able to participate fully in all aspects of the expedition. A marvelous experience.

Ralph Rhey, Japan

                 “Tim and Becky did an outstanding job of organizing, hosting and guiding. You have surpassed my expectations. Your attention to detail and effort to provide service was dedicated and thorough. Many companies could learn from you two.”

  Murray Rice,  Ontario, Canada     

     “Tim and Becky have established an excellent reputation and relationship with the Sherpas (and visa versa), and therefore we felt this and were privileged to take advantage of this relationship and add to it. We were hosted royally on the expedition and wherever we went.”

  Carolyn Pedlar, Canmore Alberta

          “Your love and concern for the people of Nepal was evident in so many ways! It was great to see your dedication to “giving and not just ‘taking’. You’ve formed a great partnership with these people.”

Tim Web, Calgary Alberta

 “ This was a wonderful trip and I would not hesitate a second to refer you to others, (I already have handed out all our cards).  Frankly I can tell you now that I will be going back with you.

Cindy Sullivan, Nevada USA

The best (one of the best) parts is the fact you both care about the country and the people.  It wasn't just a tour.  You helped us make a connection with the people.

Rex McConnel, Hope BC (70 years old)

As each day goes by I become more and more thrilled about the memories of our trek adventure.  The painful memories have become quite faded.  June says it is like childbirth.  Many, Many thanks to both of you for being such good guides. I can't tell you (and others) enough times how wonderful you (and Lhakpa) are, and how great you made the experience for all of us.

Jason Calder, Vancouver B.C.

I can't thank you guys enough on all your support and help.  This was the chance and experience of my life!!!  Life is too short to not grasp hold of chances like this.  You two are awesome, I am so glad to part of your lives and can't wait to go back to Nepal.  Thanks Becky for your excellent trek organization.  Everything was better than I could imagine.  Tim thanks for giving me a taste of mountaineering "I am hooked" I'll never forget that day we went up to Ama Dablam 9 hours of the most fatigued, awesome workout.  I can't wait to go back for more challenges.

Kathy Munoz, Spokane, WA

Sure anyone can book with any trekking company.  However, I am certain you will not get the quality and personal touch the Tim and Becky and there staff offer.  You guys are the best!

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime.  I am coming back.  


Just wanted to personally thank you and your company for an extremely well planned and executed trip. Vanessa did a super job. I think with all the issues with people sick etc, the logistics were quite challenging. As far as Ang Nima and the rest of the sherpas, what can I say – they are truly amazing (big understatement).

 All the best.

Sincerely,   Scott

Ginette Rodger,  Canada:   EBC 2008 Trek

''' I want to say thank you for your great support and your great organization. You provided us with the answers as needed and you were always present for us. This was a fantastic expedition for all of us. We had a Sunday family brunch today and the five Ottawa’s trekkers has a chance to tell stories of the last 20 days. The trekkers team was wonderful and very supportive for all members. Vanessa was a gem. She cared for everyone and was very knowledgeable and guided our journey. The sherpas headed by Ang Nima took care of everyone of us as if we were their family. No wonder we parted with a lot of tears.'

Valerie Littleton, USA:  EBC 2008 Trek

I wanted to take time to thank you and Tim for allowing my father and I to
participate in the Everest Trek. I know that my dad's cancer and chemotherapy
gave new obstacles for everyone. (not to mention an over-protective daughter)
but you not only allowed us to continue our plans to go, you encouraged it. I am not sure
you realize how much the email you sent to me encouraging my dad to go meant to the
both of us.
We had such a wonderful time. We adore Vanessa and met so many wonderful people.
I have such a respect for the Sherpa people. By the end of the trek, Lhakpa and Ang Nima were both calling my dad "Grampa".. What amazing men they are. And Sona could not have been more attentive to my dad. They were amazing.
Base camp was a great experience, my dad was so thrilled to be there. Please extend my thanks to your husband. He was so kind and attentive to my dad. What a great guy!
I feel so blessed to have been a part of this! It sounds crazy but I am already homesick for Nepal. I have fallen in love with the culture, the people and the mountains. I have traveled all over and have never had such adoration. I can't wait to get back there.
Peak Freaks took such good care of us that you may never get rid of us. We are planning Kili in 2010.... so please count us in..
Thank you again for everything..


Naomi Garnen, Canada:  EBC 2008 TREK

'I'm not really one for organized trips, planning and logistics for me is usually more fun than the trip itself so this was hard in that I didn't have anything to book, I just had to show up. But if ever I do another organized trek, you can be sure that it will be with you guys.

Thank you for running nothing less than the best!




Just too many more to add....

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